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Support our mission and become an animal rescuer now!

Through tips, inspections and research, we find animals that have been injured, sick or mistreated.

We rescue these animals!

Animals that otherwise have no chance of a loving home. We give them their lives back and take care of them. Many of the animals need veterinary care, intensive care and affection, we do all go it because we believe that every living creature has a right to have a loving life!

We rehabilitate most of the animals we rescue and luckily we are able to find them a new home.

Unfortunately, there are also animals that cannot be placed because they are chronically ill or need very intensive care.

Help us by adopting one of these animal virtually!

Every single symbolic animal adoption helps us to cover the costs for care, food, vet etc.. However, the actual costs are higher than the monthly sponsorship contributions, which is why each animal needs the support of as many sponsors as possible. All sponsorships are open-ended and can be terminated at any time - thanks to several sponsors for each animal, optimal care is guaranteed even in cases of serious illness, or even when an individual sponsorships ends. In addition, this gives us the opportunity to help and save more animals.

I want to become a virtual adopter

Thank you for becoming a virtual adopter! The certificate will be send to you in the next upcoming days.

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