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Who are we?

Animal Hope Varna takes care of abandoned dogs and cats living on the streets of Varna.
We are a non-profit association registered in the Ministry of Law of the Republic of Bulgaria. All members of the association are volunteers and do voluntary work. None of us is employed and receives a salary. Almost all of us work full time. Our goal is to help animals from our city and we have already been able to save many. We get support from our partner veterinary practices who treat our sick charges at reduced prices. We get no help from the state and no government funding! To cover the costs of food, medication, transport and vet bills we are completely dependent on donations. We are authorised to issue donor certificates which are recognised worldwide. In order to create transparency, we are subject to public accountability. All donations we receive are entered here and are freely accessible to everyone.
Dog of the month


Jerry's story began with an ugly post on social media saying a dog was being tortured in a yard. 

Click on his picture to find out more about Jerry!

Cat of the month


Gita was born in the shelter in April 2021, her mom is a rescued cat.

Click on her picture to find out more about Gita!

​35€ Spay/Neuter
for Cats and Kittens!

help fight feline over population,
we are offering to spay or neuter your cat or kitten for only $35.



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Become a partner
If you can't adopt an animal personally, you can help us with a monthly subscription. With it we can help our animals in the shelter. 


One time donation

With a donation of only 35€ we can neuter an animal. 

This can also be the perfect gift for every animal lover. 

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